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Sunday, July 12, 2015

joel kotkin and the political status of the suburb

This article by Joel Kotkin is worth reading.

He uses the term "forced densification" to describe the means and goals of the New Urbanists, modern planners, ULI, and other shadowy forces of the hipster elite when it comes to dealing with the enemy. The enemy, of course, is the  detached single family home that is the aspirations of most Americans.

Towers of ilium, despite its architectural leanings--which demand that all humans live in concrete skyscrapers--is an introspective fan of the suburb. The suburb is democracy. A house is not just a symbol of success, it is the logical extension of a shelter method that is most consistent with our biology. Humans are hive and herd oriented up until the point when we need some elbow room for individual activities.

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