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Saturday, January 16, 2016

pictures of 1980's nyc from the gothamist

Photojournalism, like all forms of eyewitness testimony, cannot be trusted. New York City, and Boston for that matter, were not nice places in the 1980's. Urban conditions were romantically bad, and we're fortunate that many photos were taken during this era. They give the impression of a disaster, which conceals the fact that cities were still engines of prosperity and represented significant concentrations of wealth.  This condition has expanded markedly since then, to the point where inequality is masked by the visual improvements in such places.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

the revolution is incremental

Okay, so Georgia Pacific will be rolling out a commercial equivalent to the ZipSystem sheathing product. Towers of ilium supposes that this was inevitable. It seems like a good idea, and I wonder how the fluid/sheet applied WRB folks will respond to this. Probably something along the lines of "it's nice, but....."

Towers of ilium observes that fasteners have to be covered with some sort of goop or tape. The labor associated with this makes it inferior to Zip System. Also, where is the insulation?

Friday, January 1, 2016

predictions for 2016


- Hillary Clinton will be elected president (defeating Ted Cruz). GOP will retain  control of Congress by a more narrow margin.

-Economy will start to sputter in early/late fall. Fed will hike interest rates 3 times this year.

-Oil will end the year with an average price of above $50 a barrel for WTI.

-Syrian civil war will stabilize, but not permanently.

-ISIL will continue to experience setbacks, but will not be defeated outright.

-Marijuana acceptance will continue to gain traction in U.S.

-MBTA will putter along. Baker will not be able to make any major changes. The Green Line extension plan will be delayed but not abandoned.

-Nothing dramatic will happen in Quincy, Mass.

-Housing starts nationally will start to decline towards the end of the year.

-Europe will lurch more towards the right.