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Friday, January 1, 2016

predictions for 2016


- Hillary Clinton will be elected president (defeating Ted Cruz). GOP will retain  control of Congress by a more narrow margin.

-Economy will start to sputter in early/late fall. Fed will hike interest rates 3 times this year.

-Oil will end the year with an average price of above $50 a barrel for WTI.

-Syrian civil war will stabilize, but not permanently.

-ISIL will continue to experience setbacks, but will not be defeated outright.

-Marijuana acceptance will continue to gain traction in U.S.

-MBTA will putter along. Baker will not be able to make any major changes. The Green Line extension plan will be delayed but not abandoned.

-Nothing dramatic will happen in Quincy, Mass.

-Housing starts nationally will start to decline towards the end of the year.

-Europe will lurch more towards the right.

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