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Saturday, February 11, 2017

the slow death of yet another ethnic neighborhood

The Chinatown gate in Boston. No, no it's not in Boston, this picture is Portland, Oregon, but it's the same story. There was a recent article in the Globe about pushback against development in Chinatown. As specialists in lost causes, towers of ilium is correctly identifying this as a lost cause. Eventually, Boston's Chinatown will be rebranded by a development company with some idiotic name like "Eastern Rim" or "Bright Sun" or "CTNP."

Chinatown has character, but no romance or nostalgia can be applied to its level of dilapidation. A recent water leak in the street revealed the profound age of the infrastructure. As a community, it no longer has the cohesiveness it once had. Many of the restaurant and shop workers commute in. Tourist traffic is limited.

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