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Sunday, September 1, 2013

the end of apple and the triumph of the system

Computer not letting me post image of Apple's proposed headquarters.

I predict that in about thirty years the legend of Apple and Steve Jobs will have faded into obscurity. I own no Apple products, and based on the other options out there for technology devices, I probably won't ever.
People will drive by the steel skeleton of the Apple building in California, rusting in the bright sun, and wonder what it was for. If they are curious, they can try Googling it, or asking Siri. Maybe they'll be more focused on survival at that point, what with the genetically engineered zombies and the Hollywood stars who have been upgraded to vampire status.

And what will happen to the money? Apple has cash on hand that could almost keep the U.S. government running for a few weeks. Consultants, shareholders, vendors, and corrupt management will siphon it off over the years. The iPhone 10 will be a complete flop--the design team will have gone retro and made the thing seven pounds with a coal burning generator and a touchy self-destruct mechanism. But people won't buy it because it only comes in two colors. So sad.

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