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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the long death of springfield massachusetts

I'm having a hard time describing what is wrong with Springfield, Massachusetts. If you want an objective assessment, this blog is certainly not a resource, but I don't think objectivity can quite do justice to the manifest urban failure of that city. It wasn't until I was driving back into Boston yesterday that I noticed one of the big differences--Boston is cluttered; Springfield feels like an empty house after an estate sale--empty rooms full of nothing but dust and scraps of worthless paper. I'm painting an extreme picture here, but people who work and live in Springfield must notice the oddness of the place.

I feel that some of the major corporate players there have written the place off. Mass Mutual has a miserable concrete office building, Smith and Wesson assembles guns, The Basketball Hall of Fame sits grandly next to the highway,  and a handful of businesses try to make a go of it amidst the genteel decay and misery. So what if they get a casino? Probably just another white elephant and a broken promise

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