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Thursday, October 24, 2013

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An unflattering picture of a part of Masdar City. I suppose it will make an interesting ruin someday.

I just remembered that I was supposed to be working on a book about architecture. My editor has been remiss in not hounding me for material. I may have to return my advance (wait-- I drank that beer).

I've read in a few places about the concept of Big Data--which I loosely interpret as a future state, which is already built in some places like Google and Netflix, where computer algorithms make basic life tasks more efficient and fulfilling. I'm optimistic about Big Data because I think it will be essential to the operation of self-driving cars. I'm also not that worried about nefarious organizations like the NSA, the Chinese government, or international terrorists corrupting such large systems. I think that the good people will outnumber the bad people and the level of mischief will be about the same as it always has been in modern society. (Note towers of ilium disclaimer about future predictions).

As applied to architecture and urban planning, I have some skepticism. Design is an emotional endeavor, and the management of large cities is often like efforts to control climate systems or plate tectonics.

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