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Thursday, October 31, 2013

the intersections of social responsibility

Well, I lost a dollar. That was front page news, along with an article about the developer of the Fenway Center Project requesting 7.8 million dollars in tax breaks from the city of Boston for his air rights project over the Mass Turnpike. Whenever I read about tax breaks being granted to a private business I get an immediate surge of irritation--a libertarian/primate revulsion towards a wealthy person getting a handout. Upon reflection, I think tax breaks for this project are justified, and not just because the city will recoup the money more than ten times over. The MassPike was a social investment that also had a detrimental impact on the social fabric of the community. It is fitting that there be a social investment in the repair and remediation of the original project.

And, 7.8 million dollars is pocket change--not enough to buy a good pitcher for the Sox.

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