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Monday, August 18, 2014

the long game

I was in Quincy Center yesterday for the August Moon Festival. I have no reason to travel to that part of the city otherwise. The major development that was planned for the area is now stalled, and based on what I saw I don't think that things will pick up anytime soon.

The current economic boomlet--which is in full force in Boston, does not seem to be affecting Quincy. To my knowledge, there are no "big" projects underway, and after the debacle with Streetworks Development, I wonder if other players are averse to working with the city.

I should be careful what I say. I wish I was doing something closer to home. But what? My only ideas are located in the Wollaston downtown, and I think that any major proposals there would be a political non-starter.

As a friend commented: "I think people don't want things to change."

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