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Sunday, August 9, 2015

hold off on the footsteps of doom

Towers of ilium tends to rush to judgment on things. The recent attack on the Facebook headquarters is the most recent example of this. After reviewing the architecture, it is best to pause and reflect on several things:

1. Frank Gehry is an architect. He does what he is told. His design for Facebook demonstrates that he can respond effectively to the spiritual and functional needs of his client. He can do sheds.

2. Facebook has a more realistic attitude about the role architecture plays than other companies. They successfully branded their firm with a new building that is almost completely anonymous. A warehouse for soft skinned white guys who drink too much coffee.

3. Facebook really doesn't need architecture. They'll be able to sell that place when they need to. It will be renovated many times. It has enough parking. It will never be finished.

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