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Thursday, August 27, 2015

I read the news today oh boy

The rumblings in the stock market are of mild interest to towers of ilium. That stock markets exist is strong proof that human psychology demands organized religion--in whatever form happens to be convenient.

Speaking of betting, this blog sets 50/50 odds on the Wynn casino ever getting built. Despite having won the right to develop a Boston gaming center, Wynn will back out of it if he ever senses that it's a money losing possibility. He does not seem like a man who succumbs to the sunk-cost fallacy, rather he depends on others to be susceptible. Everett is a rough place.

The quick death of the Boston Olympics bid has generated some muttering from a few Globe columnists. Mayor Walsh may have been weakened, but he demonstrated his loyalty to some moneyed interests. He needs to make a string of mistakes to lose the next election. Most people don't care about the Olympics. It is an event that happens Elsewhere.

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