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Sunday, April 9, 2017

schedule, budget, and reality

The images above reflect two states: The top one is the current Wollaston Red Line station. The bottom one is a rendering of the proposed renovation. Work is planned to start this fall, and towers of ilium is accepting wagers on the following:

-The work starting on time
-The work finishing on time

Issues of budget can be ignored for the simple reason that renovation projects involve a high degree of unpredictability. Also, the MBTA has been undertaking difficult renovation projects for several decades and has a high level of experience doing work on infrastructure while maintaining service. This method is expensive and garners criticism from both transit riders and so-called budget hawks, but is necessary in a civilized society. 

With this in mind, towers of ilium is confident that work will not start on time, and will be finished when it is appropriate.

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