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Sunday, April 23, 2017

sunday apology edition

Towers of ilium regrets the repetitive nature of some of these posts. This is a sign of the poor quality of free internet blogs and the general decline in values across the entire spectrum of human existence--especially Netflix, which no longer seems to have an inventory of the most basic shows and movies.

A few comments on the U.S. protest movement and its potential consequences:

-There is a protest movement and it is spontaneous and well organized in many areas. Case in point:
the volume and quality of port-a-potties at the Boston March for Science/Earth Day Celebration

-The robust financing of left wing alternative media; e.g. Mother Jones, The Nation, Vox, etc...

-The sense of a need for another rebalancing of American politics.

Prediction: It will be a tough week for Donald Trump and Republicans.

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