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Thursday, July 13, 2017

random updates

(Towers of ilium photography department overslept and failed to submit a spectacular picture of a sunset over the Grand Canyon)

In economics and business news it seems that things are moving sideways. The strong jobs report is tempered by the unimpressive growth in wages. The "Trump Bump" in the markets is an accurate response to deregulation efforts, but if consumer spending slows or dips then earning expectations inevitably follow. Housing starts are being slowed by zoning regulations (this claim bears continued scrutiny).

In other news, there is a movement to expunge track and field records set prior to 2005. Something similar was done in weightlifting decades ago, yet this blog still recognizes the efforts of Leonid Taranenko. A procedural move does not negate a fact of performance, regardless of how that performance was achieved. Also, the word on the street is that athletes have become more sophisticated about drug use since the heyday of the 80's.

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