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Monday, February 3, 2014

monday observations

-I am opposed to the death penalty for Jahar Tsarnaev. A part of his soul died when he walked away from that deadly knapsack last April. What is left of him can contemplate the consequences of his actions for the next few decades. We have enough food to keep him alive.

-I have mixed feelings about Division I athletes bucking the authority of the NCAA. I derived some benefits from the inequities of that system.

-The absurdity of a 2024 Olympic Bid for Boston continues to aggravate me. Fortunately, other sensible people have raised opposition to it.

-I am considering several home improvement projects for 2014. I made an earlier resolution to avoid them, but reality has a way of changing my mind.

-Somewhere, there is good data on energy use of modern buildings. I'm too lazy to find it.

-The Cape House is dead.

-The random picture on this blog is from a post at BoingBoing.

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