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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

the downward spiral--retail edition

A marijuana store may be opening in this location on Boylston Street--less than one hundred feet from my office as the crow flies. Towers of Ilium likes to pretend to be open minded, but the prospect of hundreds of glassy eyed dope fiends polluting my daytime neighborhood gives me pause. If devil weed is sold in this urban location we can easily assume that more unsavory criminal elements will gain a foothold and usurp the fine character of the businesses that make Boston a great city. Eventually, the pot smokers will corrupt the investment bankers, real estate agents, boutique retailers, panhandlers, and even the architects who frequent the streets and alleyways of the Back Bay. College students will stumble around in a stoned haze, bumping into trees and getting lost in subway stations. Tourists, overcome by the dank clouds of the narcotic, will ponder outdated maps hopelessly before spending their hard-earned currency on leftover bread at Au Bon Pain or Starbucks.

Where is Whitey Bulger? How can he save us from this horror? Petition the FBI to release that fine citizen; that protector of the working class, so that we are spared the open air consumption of the evil weed.

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