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Thursday, May 22, 2014

from vision to enduring illusion

This image is from Boing Boing, which often has unique and exciting content, unlike towers of ilium. What we do offer here is sour commentary, absurd claims, and idiotic predictions. Today's post falls into the category of sour commentary, since the subject of Disneyland is loaded with cultural importance.

I cannot imagine contemporary America without Disneyland. This rendering might be the most important piece of architectural and commercial artwork ever produced. Herb Ryman, produced this over the course of a single day in collaboration with Walt Disney. I am struck by how this original vision has been so consistently maintained by the corporation. I don't know when they made the change to the more symmetrical version of the Fantasyland Castle, but the iconic details of every element are still in place.

Disneyland is the United States. We can all imagine living in a self-contained paradise that is well-stocked with nostalgic imagery. The barren wastelands of the outside world, which Ryman so skillfully portrays by that dark band of mountains in the background, remind us of how lucky we are to be in the one safe place.

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