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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

the bbc would like to apologize again

Towers of Ilium tends to be repetitive. The major themes on the blog are as follows:
-What is suburbia?
-What are the limits of the resources of the planet?
-What is the role of the architect in those things?
-Skepticism of the role architects play in worldly affairs
-Occasional commentary and criticism of modern architecture

I wrote the above approximately two years ago. Since then, this blog has become more diversified and sophisticated. We continue to leverage critical synergies with a broad array of stakeholders to improve user experience and maximize technological innovation. 

We also resist the use of jargon, cliche, catchphrases, and pop culture references. 

Last night I spread the gospel of the Building Science Corporation to a class of BAC students. I have a project at work that is testing my knowledge of building codes and systems. The critical question is this: Will I seek out the right type of help soon enough and will the client be able to afford comprehensive design services?

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