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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

they built a fire on main street

The Olymipic Village complex in Montreal designed by D'Astous and Durand. Interesting bit of architecture, which reminded me of some of Safdie's work.

Anyway, some more thoughts on a potential Boston Olympiad, and why my skepticism remains deep. Mitt Romney is one of the poo-bahs associated with the exploratory committee, and while his experience with Salt Lake City is notable, it does not make him qualified to make long term plans for a city as old and unusual as Boston. Romney specialized in short term thinking during his business career, and while he might prove capable of organizing a three week party in a city, and even help with some of the negotiations for the construction projects, his mind is not geared for thinking deeply about city planning. Granted, I have issues with "planning" as it applies to human settlement, but like the current spectacle of Casino plans in the state demonstrate, the success of highly concentrated projects distracts attention from more critical issues like demographics, income equality, industrial diversity, and environmental impact.  

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