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Sunday, November 10, 2013

the misinformed and the insane

Front page article in the Boston Globe on efforts to get the Summer Olympics for 2024. I've commented on this in the past, and even though I haven't read the article yet, I still think it's a crazy idea. In order for Boston to host the Games the following criteria would have to be met:

1. Hotel occupancy doubled
2. Public Transportation capacity expanded by 30% or more
3. Area for Olympic Village and Arenas to be established in a central location
4. Post occupancy plans for #3 thoroughly vetted for plausibility
5. Good weather

Boston has proven incapable of completing any major urban project in less than 25 years, so it is doubtful that a credible bid could be mounted by 2024. But even if we set our sights on 2036 or later, how could the region absorb the development cost hangover? Who would benefit in the long term?

It should be held in Dallas. Or Houston.

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