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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the continuing saga of rafi segal

I wonder if anything I post on this blog will come back to haunt me. Efforts at self-promotion, the exercise of free speech, and lunatic ravings are all worthwhile ventures--especially in the age of the internet.

So, Bing Wang wrote a response to Michael Sorkin's article in the May 2013 Nation in which she points out that Segal was disqualifid from the National Library competition because he misrepresented the level of his collaboration with Wang's firm, Hyperbina. Given that all architectural competitions are corrupted by subjectivity I don't hold anything against Segal. I also think that Wang is being vindictive. She is not the wronged party in this affair, and her collaboration with Segal was bungled more by her than by him. All architecture is collaborative and we only assign authorship because we have a humanistic bias towards the mythology of individual creation.

(add. typo corrected)

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