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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

the crossfit bubble

While I am intrigued by the Crossfit phenomenon, I doubt I would ever joing such a gym. In general, I think they are positive force in the fitness industry. They have more credibility than the Nautilus/Cardio/Toning/Pilates outfits (it's unfair of me to lump those disparate exercise systems together, but towers of ilium is not about fairness). As an architect and a weightlifter, I appreciate the aesthetic quality of their gyms.

But, I think there is a Crossfit bubble developing. Eventually, some of these franchises will fold and the financial underpinnings of the system will face contraction. Injuries will generate negative feedback and potential lawsuits, and fickle consumers will embrace some new fad. I think the "Crossfit" model can survive by diversifying and creating more exercise and training protocols. In essence, they can follow the dictum of Dan John that he applied to training methodologies: "Everything works for two weeks, but nothing works for more than six weeks."

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