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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

the world moves forward #402

I should plan on specifying this product for my next project.

The Massachusetts energy code changes from the 2009 IECC to the 2012 IECC in July of this year. Officially, it's already been adopted so we're in a transitional phase. I can't claim to know what the difference is between the two codes. Will triple glazing become mandatory? Will insulated sheathing be the only way to build a wall? Will enforcement of blower door tests become more stringent?

I should know the  answers to these questions. Learning is hard in a profession like architecture. Structural steel has only been around for 150 years. Insulated glass has been around for less than a 100 years. And yet, you can still purchase lead based paint and certain types of incandescent light bulbs for some applications.

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