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Friday, April 11, 2014

truth in advertising

Eastern Nazarene College has a series of ads posted on the MBTA which tout the convenience of their programs. One claim is that the campus is a "5 minute walk from the Wollaston T station." This is a conscious lie. It is a solid 10 to 15 minute walk from the platform of the train station to the main entrance pictured above. I don't hold much of a grudge against the school for promoting their location in this way--the copy wouldn't sound as good if the transit time was described accurately. I think it's more appropriate to comment on how we value time in discrete, and often useless quantities. If it takes me 5 minutes to do something important, would the task have been more relevant if it had taken 10? I don't plan on trying speed dating, but I know that if I were to participate in something like my personality would be defined by a ticking clock.

It's not a bad walk, by the way. Parts of the neighborhood are shabby, but not threatening.

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