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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

it can take a long time to die

I should have paid more attention to the Cooper Union saga. Towers of ilium is often late to the party--more frequently, it misses the party completely. No matter, we ruminate forward....

Thom Mayne's rather ridiculous, and very expensive, building wasn't the cause of the financial troubles that plague the school, but it is a symptom of the stupidity that can drive organizations into the ground. I'm not in a position to do a thorough analysis, and perimortem speculation could turn out to be spectacularly wrong.

All institutions, all organizations, all cultures, and obviously, all people, have an expiration date. This date, which can be accurately established for individuals, can be much harder to identify for groups. It usually takes more than one bad decision. The worst decisions are made in an environment of collective optimism.

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