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Friday, July 11, 2014

summer review

Summer isn't even halfway over, so this review may be modified at some unspecified future date.

-The weather has been exceptional. This means we're entering a drought. Droughts in the northeast are fairly pedestrian affairs.

-I was intrigued by archaeological research that points the age of the Amazon rain forest as only 15,000 years old. I wonder if pre-Columbian human population in that area was experiencing growth trends concurrent with the increase in the size of the forest.

-The tragic fire in Lowell yesterday was probably started by fireworks, but the seven people who died were probably killed by the architecture. The fatalities were located on the third floor in the rear corners of the building. This hints at a central stair at the front of the building and no other interior or exterior stairs. A floorplan that consists of two dead ends is a death-trap.

-I'm being asked by clients to put on my landscaping and interior architecture hat more frequently. This still makes me nervous but it demonstrates that architecture is not bounded by arbitrary designations of responsibility.

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