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Friday, July 25, 2014

why human

Animals do not design things. Natural selection has honed certain creative impulses in many creatures which are remarkably sophisticated, but there are no art critics in a termite mound. Human design expression, and the ability to carry it out probably derives from some obsessive compulsive hard wiring that compels us to seek order from nothingness. Pattern recognition mechanisms don't go deep enough here. We arbitrarily apply order to phenomenon. Then, and this is the crucial step, we formulate context specific judgments based on that sense of order.

We mill the selected tree parts into board and panel products and place them together. Aside from the efficiency incurred by dealing with modular components, we assign a value to the act of joining these products. When is a joint between two piece of flooring correct? We just know. That's the miracle there. We can tolerate certain deviations from quality, but not in areas where we'll be reminded of it. The pain caused by a sense of disorder, particularly when that disorder was not corrected when it was most easy to correct, festers for a long time.

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