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Friday, September 26, 2014

composition imposition

No architecture today. Commentary on music instead.

A Day in the Life is an acoustical masterpiece and its uniqueness is its greatest curse. Although it's inspirational, it can never be replicated. I predict it will have staying power. The same thing goes for We Will Rock You. The deadly beauty of that song is that it ends too soon--and there is no doubt in my mind that Mercury did that deliberately because a principle of performance is to never give the audience too much; leave them hungry, make them return, make them crave the same thing with just a hint of variation.

The Doctor Who theme, on the other hand, can be rebuilt indefinitely. If they ever make a Doctor Who movie (which would be a disaster) some talented people will spend some time making a memorable version of it.

The guitar riff that anchors Bad to the Bone will be with us always. Ad men will return to that with disturbing regularity. Hell, they play AC/DC in Wal-Mart.

The worst music is more valuable than any work of architecture.

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