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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

olympic fever swamp edition

The Globe had a breathless and highly speculative front page article concerning the presumed advantages that Boston has over the other American cities that are tendering a bid for the 2024 Olympics. In some respects, I agree with the proposition that Boston would serve as a better venue because of the compact and intimate qualities of the city. However, as this blog has argued in the past, the work required to develop a viable infrastructure for the games is not something I regard as possible.

It is instructive to examine the international picture, because ultimately, the IOC does not care about the status of Boston vis a vis its American counterparts. The decision will involve the usual amount of graft, deception, and intrigue, as well as a more realistic assessment of the capacity of the host city. In this regard, I would put equal money on Paris or Berlin at this point in time.

Also, I think that John Fish is playing the long game here. He wants Boston to be the U.S. front-runner for the 2024 venue, but he probably knows that we will not be successful against the international competition. This bid merely sets the stage for subsequent bids with any eye towards hosting in 2032 or 2036.

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