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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

the arts of abandonment

This doesn't look like this anymore. When a building changes collective memory is compromised. "But I knew it was around here somewhere..." Presumably, Google is keeping an inventory of its street views, so some enterprising person will someday make a 100 year timelapse montage of certain streetscapes in certain cities. Lesser known parts of the world are imperfectly documented, however.

If we were able to expand our sense of time it would be easy to see how entire cities can just vanish--buried by drifting sands or consumed by jungle. I saw a good cartoon of this once. Can't think of the person who drew it. I might mention it sometime again, but by then, this blog post will be forgotten also.

And, for the record, this entryway, and the house it leads into it, is as ugly as sin. If I was ever told to design something that bad I'd smash my drafting board in half. (I don't use a drafting board anymore, but the imagery sounds more dramatic)

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