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Thursday, November 20, 2014

design principle #1.1

Architects and other designers never begin a project from a position of strength. Full comprehension of the requirements of a client is impossible to achieve. Prior knowledge, particularly of projects that seem similar, can turn out to be unreliable and dangerous. Research of all the variables that can potentially impact success or failure can consume more time than exists in the known universe. Above all, the designer can never admit these facts to a client, no matter how enlightened that person or group may be.

The designer starts from nothing. The more nothing, the better, because then bias can be overcome more readily. This ideal state can be nearly impossible to achieve--it can never be planned--but it can be revealed in those circumstances where the void of options is arbitrarily refined into one moment. It is documented, imperfectly, and presented.

And then the revisions begin.

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