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Monday, November 17, 2014

robert campbell on the innovation district

This picture is out of date and it gives us a deeply distorted view of the Innovation District in South Boston (is it really South Boston, though? Haven't efforts been made to "protect" the old neighborhood from the new one?).

Robert Campbell described how the architectural effect of the new construction here lacks human scale and good detail. He pins most of the blame on the suburban style roadways and dull office buildings. To some extent, I agree with him, although I haven't had a reason to visit this place in several years. The development patterns in the area have been constrained by many forces that are beyond the control of the designers who might otherwise be inclined to give things a bit more soul. However, I think that Campbell is rushing to judgment. The neighborhood will take about twenty years to develop and refine itself. It will improve as long as Boston remains a viable city.

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