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Monday, November 3, 2014

more on tom menino

Because he merits two blog posts.

He referred to himself as an "urban mechanic" which implies maintenance as much as repair. He appreciated Boston as a city of change, as much as he might have extolled its virtues of history. Tradition, for Menino, was useful only if it had more character and value than something new. This is a lesson for so-called preservationists, who place more value on the old at the expense of the new. If Menino had been more cautious and more polite, less would have gotten done.

I may or may not go see the procession this morning. I'm not one for crowds, and I feel that there will be some great turnout for him. But, what will I give to Boston today? Another pair of shoes on a sidewalk, some food purchased and eaten, trash in a trashcan. Riding home late on the T. And taking the normality of it all for granted and being a bit aware that I owe a large measure of that to his efforts.

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