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Thursday, January 15, 2015

new core values

Professionalism and journalistic standards have been falling off lately at towers of ilium and out loyal readership has commented on this. We want to emphasize that measures are being taking to correct this backsliding. New management has been installed, certain personnel have left to spend more time with their families, some have fallen ill, and some have been sacked. We expect the new crowd of editors, drafters, layout specialists, copy writers, and advertising executives to carry this blog into a shining future.

To that end, we will be implementing the following policies:

-Content about the Boston Olympics Bid will be restricted to one post per week. Even if something particularly silly is written about it in consecutive issues of the Boston Globe.
-Graphics will be relevant to the blog content of the day.
-Any comments by readers will be addressed by senior editorial staff.
-Free ponies will be distributed.

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