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Monday, January 19, 2015

the bright tomorrow

Today's post is about the utter futility of attempting to gain knowledge from graph of a corporation's share price. The picture happens to be a chart of Solar City. Please note that in addition to being idiotic, it is also out of date. However, towers of ilium respects the need for shiny graphics.

Today's post is about the utter futility of efforts to predict the future.

Today's post is about a recent article in The Economist about energy resources in the world. It is well researched and comprehensive. It cites Amory Lovins, which is a good thing. It doesn't cite Gail Tverberg or any of the other fossil fuel pessimists. Towers of Ilium did not make a prediction about energy prices (that needs confirmation--internal memo to research staff) because that is crazy. For the moment we will hang on the fact that the crash in oil prices amounts to a 4.5% pay raise for the average American family. The gas tax, unfortunately, will not be raised, even though that would be prudent.

Will Towers of Ilium considering investing in solar panels for its corporate headquarters? Maybe in a decade or so. The Economist regards solar power as an important thing, particularly in the developing world. They have a chance to do it right. Not that U.S. and Britain did it wrong--if there is a resource that appears cheap, it will be used, no matter the consequences. Just ask the single celled organisms that poisoned the earth's atmosphere with oxygen a few billion years ago.

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