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Sunday, January 29, 2017

history repeats--tragedy or farce TBD

The American left was fractured during the 1960's and 1970's by the ongoing turmoil of Vietnam, the retreat of the New Deal and the Civil Rights movement. There was a two-part nadir: The disaster of the 1968 convention in Chicago and the annihilation of McGovern in 1972. Despite Nixon, the right capitalized on the disorganization of liberals through the 80's and 90's--had some mild stumbles during the regime of Bush/Cheney, mounted effective resistance against Obama--and surged forth to victory again with Trump. (towers of ilium is making the case that Bill Clinton was a moderate conservative on some important fiscal issues)

The Left is still back on its heels, but the protest movement seems to be gaining some ground. Space for protest in urban centers is a critical component of this evolving situation. Any intelligent politician realizes that crowds are important to campaigns--and to have natural crowd resources is a significant source of cash on the table.

Pay attention to stock markets tomorrow. A mild downturn is expected, but towers of ilium reserves the right to be wrong, as always.

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