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Friday, January 20, 2017

the limits of design & the limits of craft

Humans are optimistic. We know that we can make things work, even if they aren't perfect. We strive for improvement, and those among us who count perfection as the ultimate goal always have to settle for things that don't ever meet that goal. The alternative is madness, starvation, and a continuous scheduling of meetings with the design team and contractors. God didn't seem to dwell long on the failures embedded in the creation of the Garden of Eden. He continued in his role as manager of the universe, confident in the delegation of authority to humans for a few non-essential roles in the business--piling up stones, scrawling paint on cave walls, digging tunnels under oceans, and a few brief strolls on the moon. Quarterly reports show growth, although there are rumors of major restructuring. Fetch hither the consultants!

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