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Monday, January 10, 2011

carolyn swiszcz at the steven zevitas gallery

This is not a painting by the artist Carolyn Swiszcz, but she did paint an image of this hotel located on the bank of the Neponset River in Quincy.
I encourage a visit to the gallery or to her website.
She has captured some of the qualities of contemporary architecture in a way that is more effective than most professional renderings or photographs. She helps to answer an important question about the built environment: "What about the other stuff?" The other stuff is what we drive by or walk by every day and register only tangentially (even when we use the spaces and services of the strip malls, supermarts and drive throughs that make up the "other stuff"). We might live in the "stuff" and when we move out we consider the weight of memory associated with it, and pause for a moment before moving on. Carolyn Swiszcz manages to preserve those moments--and the experience isn't that pleasant sometimes, but it is mitigated by the awkward familiarity.
While searching for images I discovered this website call Quincy Daily Photo. Very good stuff there.

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