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Sunday, January 16, 2011

rex roberts and his book "your well engineered house"

This book seems to be out of print, which is a good thing, because the poor man is absolutely deranged. Well, that's not quite fair of me, he was a man of conviction and certainty. Rex Roberts represented the modern ethos perfectly. He believed that he could solve problems, and that the solution would be absolute.

In this book on house design and construction he advocates certain ideas that are more than just iconoclastic. They are plain dumb. He advocates wall construction without insulation, claiming that radiation is the primary form of heat loss in buildings. He advocates a window design guaranteed to let in as much cold air as possible. He has no regard for the aesthetic traditions of residential architecture, which can be of some importance when considering future real estate value. By not bowing to convention he succeeds in alienating his audience.

Subtlety, subtlety! This concept needs to be used more in architecture. Royal Barry Wills knew how to channel it, how to tap into the latent desires of the modern homebuyer and introduce radical concepts in an attractive package.

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