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Monday, August 19, 2013

post on the greenway in boston

An article in the Sunday Globe noted how the Greenway park in Boston--built over the Big Dig--has been increasing in popularity. This is not a surprise. Any piece of attractive landscaping in a city that is open to the public will attract people. The article revealed the disconnect between the people who use the park and the design professionals who remain critical of it. According to Alex Krieger of the GSD, the park is not a "great public space." He fails to define what "great" means. Architects once viewed Boston City Hall Plaza as a "great" space, but few people agree with that.

I think that the Greenway will continue to evolve, and if the resources dedicated to its upkeep are sufficienct, it will tend to improve over time. I happen to think it is a great place. I remember what was there before.

I apologize for the grammar errors in the last post and any pain they may have caused.

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