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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

the longest tomorrow

I realized that I actually don't know enough about anything, and as time passes, the self-awareness of my ignorance will diminish, until I reach that state where I will be uncertain about what I know, and confident in a great number of things that are wrong. This is unfortunate, but a good description of the modern human condition--which consists of confused people stumbling around accomplishing very little and just barely staying alive.

More specifically, I don't know enough about timberframing details to feel confident incorporating it into an architectural design. I can make presumptions about column placement, but the myriad ways to devise the lateral bracing elements has me thoroughly boggled. It is as this point that I should seek out someone who knows what is going on and has experience with the craft. I should not, and let me emphasize this, rely on my own research and intuition.

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