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Thursday, January 2, 2014

predictions for 2014

Okay, time to make towers of ilium look like an idiot again.

1. The Architecture/Engineering/Construction industry will have an okay year. Things in China might start to slow down a bit--or get more sophisticated. African nations (the peaceful ones) may lead in percentage growth. In the coming decades that continent might become the "place" for new architecture and engineering.

2. The composition of Congress will not change dramatically in the 2014 midterm elections. I'm going to end up stepping this one somehow.

3. Mayor Walsh will reveal that he is just as pro-development as Menino was.

4. However, growth in Boston suburbs will continue to be restrained by the usual bevy of regulations and poor population growth.

5. The health care cost curve will bend a bit more.

6. Unrest and repression will continue at the same rates as in 2013. A long, horrible stalemate in Syria, Egypt, Israel, Palestine. Possible liberalization in Qatar and Saudi Arabia will be offset by crackdowns in Russia and North Korea.

7. NSA activity will continue unabated in the U.S. Restrictions on media content, patents, copyrights, etc.. will be maintained. Spurious blogs like this one will be ignored.

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