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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the future of computer software

As a non-owner of a smart phone, I don't have a good grasp of their influence except through what I see of other people's use of them. I'm not about to write off the desktop computer, however. Scale and place matter. I can't fulfill my functions as an architect purely from home--too many distractions and not enough social interaction.

The revolutions I hope to see in the realm of information technology would be more about software than hardware. I think we've established all the fundamental hardware devices, and I don't think that wearables are going to catch on that quickly (I'll be proven wrong about this). I think all software should move to the "cloud"--like this blog and my email service.

I also hope that software becomes more intuitive. When I operate an architectural modeling programming I should be able to interact with it in a variety of different ways. I should be able to say: "Let's draw a wall" and expect some responses from the program. Analog methods will still play a large role, but the help and support functions should become more sophisticated.

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