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Monday, March 17, 2014

longevity and the value of obsolete design

The modernists were driven by aesthetics to a greater degree than any architectural movement before or since. From 1930ish to 1980ish the triumph of form over reason reached such a height of absurdity that designers operated under the belief that water, air, seasons, and humans did not exist. All that mattered was the purity of the geometry, the expression of a specific group of materials, and the conviction that ego that could sustain this ideal in the face of any opposing force--especially the will of a client.

The modernist icons, and the trashier stuff, are not aging that well. I may live to see all of them destroyed.

But, they have a value. They serve as a reminder of what one should not do. They can be used as a teaching tool. Their replacement will keep my profession busy for a little while longer.

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