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Monday, March 24, 2014

vanilla commentary on the manhattanville campus project

I am of the opinion that there are still many development opportunities on the island of Manhattan. Columbia University shares this opinion, and their efforts at the expansion of their campus demonstrate that they are committed to a long term stay in the city. I had an opportunity to see the construction site last week and I'm astounded at the resources being expended to build this massive project. A lot of big name architects are involved, but their design work seems to be strictly proscribed by a very conventional and rational master plan. I don't find the building designs that impressive--a lot of glass and metal--but I appreciate the concerted effort to define street edges and urban places. This is all standard contemporary architect jive. What's noteworthy is that it took a Supreme Court decision to grant the city and university eminent domain powers over all the junk that was on the site. Robert Moses lives, all hail.

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