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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

sad news

The pot store that proposed to locate near my office is now looking for a new place to set down roots. I think everyone realized that the neighborhood was a bit too rough and hostile for a legitimate business like medical marijuana. We'll continue to bash beer bottles over each others' heads on our lunch breaks.

Things in Ukraine are not good. Things in Syria are even worse. South Sudan, North Korea, Nigeria, and Congo round out the list of unhappiness. As a counterpoint, the Boston Globe had an article about high school students who have stressful summer vacations because they're worried about college prospects.

In architecture news there's nothing much going on. Towers of Ilium will do its best to uphold rigorous standards of journalism.

Oh, I just remembered, Michael Sorkin had a critical article in the Nation about MOMA's plans to raze the Folk Art Museum. It's more tilting at windmills, but I find it curious that Sorkin is holding MOMA to some idealistic standard--the purity and sanctity of art and all that. MOMA, along with every other museum, art gallery, studio, and design firm has to operate like a business. They have to consider the logistical circumstances of getting large volumes of people close by exceptional (and mediocre) art. Their  architecture is always subordinate to their collection--which I'll be thinking of the next time I'm staring at Jackson Pollock.

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