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Monday, March 10, 2014

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Oh look, the genius Rem Koolhaas designed another iconic building. Let us hence forth to Rotterdam to worship it.

A brief article in Architectural Record noted that in New York large buildings account for around 4% of the building stock but consume around 50% of the energy in the city. My proportions might be off on that, but the principle is consistent with physical laws. Large skyscrapers built in the 60's perform poorly on all levels (except for the bottom line of a select few owners, lenders, and developers).

My new smartphone is an example of a manufactured desire. From Veblen, to Skinner, to Vance Packard, to Drucker, to Galbraith, to Steve Jobs, to Mark Zuckerberg ( I include him in the pantheon with reservation) marches forth the modern industrial state.

And now, back to architecture....

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