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Monday, December 8, 2014

joe fallon vs. robert campbell

Actually, it really isn't a contest. Campbell is an architecture critic who has no influence on architecture. Fallon is a developer who might seem to have a profound influence on architecture, but in reality is constrained by the strong hand of market reality. The Globe had a profile of Fallon, who is responsible for much of the development in the "Innovation District." He came across favorably, and he responded to Campbell's critique of that neighborhood. He pointed out that the streetscape will improve over time and that the development decisions (most of which were defined by the afore-mentioned market, the FAA, and traffic engineers) will prove to be okay. I tend to agree with that. From what I can see, the areas with new construction feel better than most of the Financial District in Boston proper.

On a side note, I'm giving much thought to the current state of architectural communication in construction documents. I contend that there is too much information and not enough knowledge displayed by the heaps of paper devoted to drawings and specifications.

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