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Sunday, December 21, 2014

review of the news

Towers of ilium has been distracted by internal events and has not had a chance to comment on current news:

-The potential normalization of trade relations with Cuba is an impressive accomplishment by Obama and Castro. It might spell an end to the time capsule architecture of Havana. As always, progress does not guarantee improvement.

-The decline in crude oil prices, while a temporary condition, is having interesting impacts. I don't feel sorry for Putin. I'll reserve further comments for my 2015 predictions edition.

-The debacle at Sony caused by the not(never?) to be released movie, The Interview is still playing out. To quote a fellow I was talking to on the eve of the financial collapse in 2008--"the shit's just getting warmed up."

-I'm losing confidence in self-driving cars appearing on the roads within the next decade.

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