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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

a house divided against itself stands

I've been thinking about the necessity of division and classification. At a fundamental level our universe is made up of atoms that have distinct characteristics that are quite dramatic. If I fuse elements lighter than iron I get energy, but it takes energy to fuse iron into heavier elements, so I need a supernova....Okay, let's back up a bit, or move forward. A human will look at two different things and immediately realize that they are different. We assign gender to people we see even if we don't know anything about them. We're hard wired to consider gender an important thing. But, if we start to let this immediate observation inform all of our subsequent actions we can get into deep shit. "But, I thought you were a woman, I didn't realize that you were undergoing reassignment---would you still like to get a drink?"

And now, changing gears before I get towers of ilium in trouble, I want to bring this back to architecture. There's a conceit among architects that they know everything, but they're quite happy to divide the labor of making buildings into discrete parts. Contracts are written to clarify these divisions of labor. Although much is being made of Integrated Project Delivery, the scope of responsibility functions better if individuals can concentrate on their specialty.

More on this later maybe.

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  1. Wow, yesterday you were trying to explain this concept using rabbit evolution and weightlifting as examples. Today, supernova and transgender people. You reach for the creative metaphors, don't you?